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LeapingStone Foundation is a California based non-profit. We received our 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination in 2008. LeapingStone is focused on providing primary education to children in West Africa.

On this page you can read about our team members. Click here to jump to our West African consultants.

Here is our current 990 tax return:

2011 Nonrprofit tax return (PDF)


Founder / President


Natalie founded LeapingStone in June 2007. She has been a teacher for over thirty years and understands the importance of education as a way out of poverty. She served on the board of directors for the Humboldt Arts Council from 2001 to 2006.

In the past decade Natalie and her husband have traveled regularly throughout the developing world, where the West African people captured her heart. Natalie’s vision of giving back to the communities she has enjoyed visiting has became a reality in LeapingStone.

Natalie lives in central California with her husband and three dogs; Mali, Lefty, and Jaya.


Vice President


Since 1998, Jaime has worked with venture-backed start-up companies, primarily in the area of enterprise software products. During that time he has held a number of executive and management positions in the areas of product strategy and product development including Vice President of Product Strategy at CORESense, Inc., and Director of Professional Services at NextPage Corporation among many others. In addition, Jaime is a founding partner of Release 3, a consulting company that helps entrepreneurial ventures minimize the costs and risks associated with bringing new products to market.

Jaime is currently working on a doctorate degree in Strategic Management at the University of Utah, focusing his research on entrepreneurship and economic development while developing and delivering curriculum for new business discovery courses at the David Eccles School of Business.



Kim Logsdon has been a Massage Therapist for the last 27 years. Within that capacity, she has worked in the chiropractic field for the last 8 years and the salon/day spa business since.

She was an instructor for the International Association of Infant Massage Instructors, teaching parents and caregivers how to massage their infants and the importance of doing so.

She was an instructor for Jamu Spa Rituals, traveling throughout the US and Caribbean. She trained massage staff at 5-star resorts and hotels, teaching Traditional Balinese massage and Spa Rituals, using indigenous herbal and spice remedies. She is currently the owner/operator of Body Escentials — a salon and day spa in Chico, CA.

She believes in the importance of a good education for everyone, and feels a strong commitment to the LeapingStone mission.

Bradley Burton

Brad is a Marketing Advisor with FedEx Services for the New Product and Governance Group. He manages all cross-opco projects from the domestic and international portfolio by taking them from Concept to Development phases.

In addition to FedEx, Brad has held numerous positions in non-profit organizations. He has been Chairman for FedEx Trade Networks March of Dimes and Junior Achievement. Brad is also the President for the International Information Forensics Systems Association where the organization partners with Federal Law Enforcement on forensics assistance/analysis.



With the Rainforest Foundation UK and now Well Grounded, Emma has been working with civil society organizations in the Congo Basin to tackle issues of forest governance and the recognition of local and indigenous communities’ rights. Well Grounded provides targeted support to local groups on organizational development so that they have the strategic vision and internal systems in place to be more effective in what they are seeking to achieve.

With a background in international development, planning, environment and sustainable development in the non-profit sector, understanding and addressing the issues and challenges faced by marginalized communities continues to be one of Emma’s greatest personal and professional interests. She currently resides in Yaoundé, Cameroon.


Jose Tijam has volunteered with several non-profit organizations in different capacities and is currently active with other charitable groups. It’s this desire to lend a hand and his strong support of LeapingStone Fountation’s mission which captivated him to become a part of the team.

He earned his degree in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting from California State University. He is currently employed by Bank of America Corporation as a Financial Analyst.

Jose is proud to have the opportunity to serve LeapingStone Foundation in helping provide primary education to children in West Africa.

Sudip Dhingra

Sudip currently works in the underwriting group of Wells Fargo Capital Finance’s Technology Finance division. The Technology Finance division has a unique view of lending to middle-market firms by placing added emphasis on the recurring revenue streams of these firms. Prior to Wells Fargo, Sudip worked in Bank of America Securities’ Syndicated Loan Capital Markets.

When Sudip returned to India after a nine year hiatus in 2005, he was surprised to see the country’s economic progress, which was leading to the emergence of a strong middle class. However, economic progress has not been uniform and many people who lack education struggle economically. This experience made him want to make an impact by fostering others’ education; as such he has been involved with tutoring organizations for more than six years now in various capacities.


LeapingStone relies on the expert advice and assistance of key contacts both here and in West Africa. Below, you can read about our Togolese consultants.


Paul was born into a family of eight children and attended schooling in Lycee de Tsevie, which culminated in BA in Literature and Philosophy. He also has a BA in Germanistics from the University of Lome in Togo.

From 1993 to 1999 Paul taught German at secondary school; he currently works in the cultural sector as a Tour Leader. He has worked as a ground agent for National Geographic in the making of a documentary film on voodoo, filmed in Togo and Benin.

Paul lives in Lomé, Togo. He is married, and is the father of three boys.

Liqua Dossoh

Liqua has worked with LeapingStone since 2009. She started out as an assistant to Claire Quenum and has since branched out–opening her own ONG Que le Soleil Brille. She has been our “eyes and ears” for the project, especially providing us with weekly reports on the progress of the various village committees.

For the past year, she has been involved with the village of Tsati, working with them on organization, budgeting, banking, and income-generation. She lives in Tsevie — about 10km south of Dédékè — with her mother and son, Robbie.

Claire Améyo QUENUM

Claire is the CEO of Floraison which is a Togolese, NGO that is helping LeapingStone supply the villagers with income generating skills and guidance in banking, governance, and decision making.

Her role is critical in providing the necessary economic and logistical support to the local villagers as well as serving as a liason to LeapingStone and the local Togolese goverenance entities. We are truly grateful to have Claire serving in this capacity.


Eléonore holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Graduate Diploma of Finance and Banking from DESS Banque Finance.

She worked for the Central Bank of West African States from 1989 to 2005, including as CEO in 2000, and Controller of Financial Activities from 2003 to 2005 where she specialized in macroeconomics.

Eléonore currently works in management at Josel, a business and consulting firm. She has been a member of the Club St. Jean de Dieu since 1980, and a member of the Soroptimist International Club since 1996, acting as President from 2001 to 2003.

She currently lives in Lome, Togo.


Abel has a long and rich history as a community organizer. He joined The North American Convention for Togo in 2001 and was elevated to the position of President in 2005. During his term as President he visited refugee’s camps in Africa and oversaw the rehabilitation of local villages when Togolose refugees came under attack in 2006.

That same year, he organized the North America Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina, followed by the 2007 Convention in NYC, New York.

Natalie at AMETOCO

Left to Right M. Vincent Dosseh Omaha, NE, Natalie Huberman Founder Pres. of LeapingStone, Abel Gbogbo, Iowa, President d’AMETOCO, Alfred De Souza, Kansas, Secretaire General.


He regularly negotiates the reinstatement of refugees to other countries, and donates much of his time to assisting fellow Togolese with their immigration. In 2007 he subsequently founded the American Togolese Community, or AMETOCO.

Abel is currently a Senior Residential Advisor at Siouxland Residential Services Inc, where he has worked since 2002. He is also CEO of Victoria-Cargo, a Europe based shipping company, and he holds a management position with Elegant Laptops.

He lives in Sioux City, Iowa with his wife Phany, and their four children.


For over fifteen years, Ed had worked in the high tech industries at Silicon Valley. He held a variety of engineering and management positions there, including with NEC America, Octel Communications and many other e-commerce companies.

As well as his extensive experience in high tech, Ed worked in the RTRO/US Peace Corps in Lomé, Togo, he co-founded the NGI Legacy, an online publisher of African political, economic and social commentary, and contributed to ‘Ewe of Togo and Benin’, an account of culture and tradition in the lives of Ewe men and women.

Ed currently holds executive positions in a variety of high-tech start-ups, as well as in the Education sector across the US, Europe and Africa. He resides in California.

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