My Friend Benjamin Posted May 25, 2013 by Natalie


There are many wonderful things happening with our friends in Togo. One of our great friends is a fellow by the name of Benjamin (Kenake Kodjo). He is an artist in Lomé and has always been a supporter of LeapingStone. His work permits him to meet people from all over the world.

Recently, some friends he made from France sent items — books, clothing, toys — to him to distribute to the children in Dédéké. Here is what he wrote:

I Kenake Kodjo, the moment I met Natalie Brown Huberman in Lome and she finished the school at the village Dédéké in city Tsevie country Togo west Africa, I’ve found the idea and ability she has that is good to help people in Africa. And is true Love she sends to others in need. That act is perfect and I saw in her good done that every life deserve to be loved and to be respected. So her good done moved my heart to talk about LeapingStone to my friends in Europe.

Thus one of my friends in Rennes France accepted my proposal and decided to ask books, toys and garments in her child school to help LeapingStone. About three months they got some of what they asked people in the school in France, and in a car my friend shipped in TOGO to sale, they put the items I need for the school in Tsevie village Dédéké. They appreciated LeapingStone powerful action to help children in West Africa country Togo.
They told me that in the future they will continue to do as is useful to give to others in need.

City Lomé country Togo West Africa

To clarify a bit. There are shipments of used cars coming into Togo on a regular basis. When someone ships a car, they often fill it with other items that can be of use.

Please enjoy the photos that Benjamin sent. We say thank you to Benjamin and to his friends in France!

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