The LeapingStone Dream is Becoming a Reality Posted May 30, 2010 by Natalie


We have received the first pictures from Gildas, our contractor, showing the beginning of the building process.  He has also supplied us with a report.

The land has been cleared.

Sand, gravel and wood have been purchased.

Apparently getting cement is problematic.  Even though there is a cement factory    in Togo, it is in short supply.

Digging the foundation has started.

The next steps will include making the bricks for the foundation, preparing the iron (re-bar) for the foundation and the columns, and establish the footings to pour the cement foundation.

We also had a great email from Claire Quenum with Floraison.  She continues to be a wonderful addition to our team.  We are still finding roadblocks to the well issue.  I have asked Claire to step in and see if she can be of help.  I mentioned in a previous post that the land where water is known to exist belongs to a family in the village.  We would like to purchase this land so that we can eliminate any future problems with access, maintenance, etc.  Because the villagers have never done this before, there is some resistance.  We are hoping Claire can pave the way to show them how this could work.

Stay tuned for more good stuff in upcoming blogs:  We are still trying to gather all of the video footage from the April trip and create a documentary, we are in the process of planning our annual bachelor auction and wine tasting, and of course we get regular reports for the building progress.

Thanks for coming ~ tell a friend!

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