Since coming home from the trip to Togo, we have been dotting our “i’s” and crossing our “t’s,”  transferring funds to the contractor AHOE in Togo, hammering out exchange rate details.  They have received the funds and should be starting the construction by the end of this week.  All of these details can become tedious but just when one least expects it, BAM!

We received a $3,000 donation!!  It is the largest single gift in LeapingStone history!!!  We are so grateful to this donor (who shall remain anonymous), but of course we invite all of our supporters to try and top it!  We are looking to earmark this donation toward building the well.  There are many logistical matters to work out, but  this donation makes it possible to move forward with well construction.  We will keep you posted on both the construction and fund raising efforts that make building possible.

We are also pleased and proud to welcome over 50 new Facebook Members to our LeapingStone Group.  If you are new to our group, welcome and thank you for joining.  If you have been a loyal follower, we so deeply appreciate your support.

We are also gearing up for our second annual Bachelor Auction and Wine Tasting Event.  To all the people in Chico who participated last year, we say,  “thank you!”  Please join us again this year and bring a friend.  We hope to double last year’s ~$13K raised and that effort starts with a motivated support base.   We are currently looking for bachelors who would like volunteer to help our worthy cause.  If you can attend our event scheduled for October 1st in the Chico area and want to get involved, please contact me at Natalie@leapingstone.org We could use a few more bachelors and anyone else interested in helping out with the planning of the event; we would love to hear from you as well.  Last year’s event was a hoot-and-a-half and this year promises to be more of the same.

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