Let the Building Begin!!! Posted May 7, 2010 by Natalie


Wednesday, the LeapingStone Board of Directors voted to approve the contract with the builders in Togo.  I printed out both the French and English versions, signed them, scanned them, and emailed them back.  Needless to say we’re incredibly enthusiastic about this important step in the process.

Today I received confirmation that the contract documents were received.  Now we wait for their signature.  Also I have been checking the exchange rate, and it is currently in our favor.  I hope this trend continues as this means it will cost less!!!  Saving money is always a good thing, especially when donations are so hard to acquire.

I keep reflecting on my recent trip and the look on the villagers’ faces as we talked about the project.  Honestly, if you could see their expressions of hope and joy, it would melt your heart ~ they certainly affected me deeply.

Liqua Dossoha ~ Smart as a Whip!

Additionally, I  am so grateful to be working with Floraison’s Claire Quenum.  I was so impressed with Claire and consider ourselves sincerely lucky to have her involved in the project.  She has a calm, wise, regal way about her.  Claire’s experience and knowledge will continue to guide the villagers with income-generating training in various activities.

She also has an adorable, fiery, smart-as-a whip assistant — Liqua Dossoha — who was such a help to me.  I expect big things from this young lady.

One issue we are continuing to deal with is the well.  Water resource allocation and development is not really a part of LeapingStone’s mission; however, Dédékè is near and dear to our hearts and we would like to get them a well, if possible.   A good, clean source of water is vital to their quality of life and when many school children are presently afflicted with parasites and illness (also contributing to a high child mortality rate), it follows that school attendance will be greatly improved if we can solve the water issue.

African Life Without Water ~ From Wired Magazine

During our visit last year, we were told a water survey was done and that they knew the best place to drill without the impedance of subterranean rock.   It’s true.  The problem is, the land belongs to a family in the village.  Of course, assigning responsibility for upkeep and affording maintenance/repair costs could be a problem in the future.  So for now, until we solve this dilemma, we are going to install a cistern.  This is a good solution because if and when a well is installed there will likely be operational problems and in the event of a pump failure (which is common) the cistern will act as a backup.   We are trying hard to cover all possible contingencies without ruffling any feathers.

Stay tuned to this blog for developments  and construction updates.  I can hardly wait to share the news with you!

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t remind you that your support is still essential to complete this project.  So far we have received approximately $1500.00 from about 30 donors in the past 5 months~ don’t be left out ~ Join us in making a difference.  If you are one of these contributors, thank you!  If you would like to give again, or if you have yet to get on board, please visit our donation page; there are many ways to contribute and of course we appreciate every dollar.




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